Holiday Retirement Care Assistant in Dayton, Ohio

Care Assistant


• Responsible for attending to all care needs of the residents in their assigned sections, either scheduled or as they arise following resident Service Plan. Check each resident at least every meal hour.

• Answer call lights in a timely manner (less than five (5) minutes).

• Take vital signs.

• Daily internal contacts with Resident Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse, Medication Assistant and Executive Director.

• Read daily Communication Log, new and updated Service Plans and Alert Charting Log.

• Set-up tables in preparation for meals.

• Assist with serving meals by bringing residents into the dining room and taking orders. Serve drinks and food to the residents. Verbally cue residents requiring assistance.

• Assist with clean-up following meals, including clearing dishes off the tables and taking to the kitchen, wipe down tables, chair seats, arms and backs, and pick up food from the floor by vacuuming or sweeping.

• Pick up laundry from resident apartments; rinse out soiled laundry and dispose of dirty laundry in appropriate laundry barrel.

• Collect garbage from assigned resident apartments daily. Immediately remove incontinent supplies that are wet or soiled. Take trash to the dumpster as needed and at least one time per shift.

• Assist with resident activities as requested or assigned.

• Chart any unusual incident or information needing to be passed on to the Resident Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse or Medication Assistant in the Communication Log. Chart vital signs taken during your shift on any resident in the resident's Progress Notes. Report any changes in resident needs or conditions to Resident Care Coordinator. Report any tasks needing to be passed on or followed through to off-going and on-coming shifts.

• Report any emergencies to the person in charge. Minor and non-emergency changes should be reported to the Medication Assistant. Family concerns expressed must be immediately reported to the Resident Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse or the Executive Director.

• Knowledge of proper transfer techniques and body mechanics to transfer residents with appropriate assistance.

• Housekeeping duties for common areas including, but not limited to, vacuuming, dusting, straightening up, wiping down tables and chairs, clean bathrooms, replace paper towels and toilet tissue, clean activity room, med room and utility by straightening up, vacuum or mop floor and dust.

• Responsible for light clean-up of resident apartments as necessary on a daily basis. Light clean-up is to include making beds not changed by Housekeeper, spot check room, use extractor on incontinent accidents immediately and any other clean up as necessary.

• Adhere to company and job dress code standards

• Other duties as assigned.

Job Ref: 125724